Response Statistics

GVFD Stats

The intent of the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department is to perpetually respond to Fire and Rescue emergencies within the City of Granbury, ETJ of Granbury and Mutual Aid requests in order to protect lives and property. It is also our assumed responsibility to assist our citizens and neighbors in any philanthropic actives, fund raising and preserve the environment through approved contracts with the City of Granbury, Hood County and any other entity that would make a request

Calls Per Month

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department serves the community and responds to

Calls Per Month


How we respond and the time respond is important to us. Our average respond time is

Less Than 2 Minutes


We are committed to the community and have served Granbury for

Years of Service

Safety first.

GVFD has several programs for public education or services.

  • Smoke Detector Battery Change Out – Call and schedule a time for our crews to come out and change smoke detector batteries every year, you will need to provide the batteries. We can also change out the actual smoke detector if provided.
  • Public Education on fire safety – We can schedule a time when fire crews will come out and give provide public education on fire safety and education.
  • School/Children’s Public Education and Fire Safety – Each year, October is Fire Prevention Month and it’s common for schools and clubs to schedule a time for fire crews to come out and give the kids a short education class.
  • Schedule a time to come and visit and walk through the fire station.
  • Schedule a CPR or “Stop The Bleed Class”
  • Fire Extinguisher Training