"Granbury Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to the prevention and suppression of fires and to responding to medical emergencies and other incidents"

Serving the City of Granbury and Hood County, Texas Since 1907

Controlled Burning

For Hood County residents always check with the Fire Marshal’s office prior to burning.

Burn Ban and other information on burning in Hood County can be found at the Hood County Fire Marshal’s Office website.

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How Can I Help?

Community support of a volunteer fire department is essential to provide a high level of service. The more support the department has, the greater level of service it can provide.

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How Do I Join?

We are an aggressive fire department and you will be committing yourself to responding to all types of emergencies in all types of weather dealing with all types of people.

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GVFD Honors Our Fallen Brothers in Blue

In solidarity with our brothers in blue, Granbury Volunteer Fire Department participated along with law enforcement officers honoring Governor Greg Abbott’s call for Texas law enforcement officers to turn on the red and blue flashing lights on their patrol vehicles for one minute, at 11 a.m. Friday. Governor Abbott Issues Statewide Call To Stand With Law Enforcement In Texas In addition, GVFD is showing our support by displaying the “thin blue line” to commemorate fallen law enforcement officers and to symbolize the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of civilians...

2015 Rookie School Week 8

Continuing the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department’s 2015 Rookie School, students experienced a long night chocked full of important firefighting skills. Students learned standpipe operations, working with a hose from a ladder, master stream operation, and basic roof operations. The highlight of the evening, however, was the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) projects. The LPG projects allow trainers to provide demanding fire conditions to students while maintaining a safe training environment. Students trained on how to extinguish a large car fire as well as a burning propane tank and how to prevent...

2015 Rookie School Week 5

The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department conducted an acclimation burn and portable extinguisher training during this week’s session of the 2015 Rookie School. Rookies from GVFD and some Hood County departments experienced their first live burn of this school to observe and analyze fire behavior, get used to wearing their SCBA and PPE, as well as experience a real Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) atmosphere. After the acclimation burn, the class used various kinds of portable fire extinguishers to extinguish a flammable liquid fire. See more pictures on Facebook...

2015 GVFD Rookie School

GVFD will be starting a 23 week rookie school January 26th at 7 pm. If you are interested in joining the department now is a great time!!! If you are interested, please contact us or message us on Facebook to be sure you meet the requirements. As always, feel free to ask any questions you might...

GVFD Responds to Major Flooding

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to major flooding throughout Hood County, with two neighborhoods – Sunset Acres and Quail Ridge – needing to be evacuated. Up to 12 inches of rain in less than a few hours left some of Granbury and Hood County with streams that had overrun their banks and residents trapped. Firefighters used boats, trucks, and ropes to rescue those residents. Read...