How Can I Help?

Community support of a volunteer fire department is essential to provide a high level of service. The more support the department has, the greater level of service it can provide. The increase in support can also benefit all citizens by reducing homeowner’s insurance rates under the new ISO rating system.

There are several ways an individual (or groups) can support us:

  • Time, by joining the department as a Firefighter or Medical Professional
  • Time, by providing us with other skills or services we may need. We also value non-traditional (non-firefighting) ways in which members of the community can assist us without having to become a firefighter. If you have a special skill, or can provide a service you think we may benefit from, please let us know. We could certainly benefit from new members with medical knowledge/experience, communications experts, individuals trained in hazardous materials, rescue situations, and even SCUBA divers. If you have the knowledge or experience to help teach or train new skills to our members, we’d like to hear from you, too.
  • Finances. Based upon Granbury’s recent explosive growth, there has been a significant increase in our number of emergency responses. Along with the increase in calls is an associated increase in expenses. Donations are most welcome and may be tax-deductible.

If any of the above sounds interesting or you would like to talk to someone in the department, please contact the station for more information.